Summer is really the season in need of ice, so when choosing ice machines the users should take into account: ice maker, in the summer hot weather, also the best period for business, ice is enough or not. If ice machines are used for a long time, besides didn’t maintained usually, it will inevitably appears slow ice making problem. Freiway find some reasons and solutions:

1. Low power;2.Insufficient refrigerator 3. Refrigerator is leaked;uneven ice is usually caused by lost of ice-making time(frozen first for those near the cooling plate)

Some ice machines have liquid storage tanks that can automatically adjust the working conditions in winter and summer. If there is no storage tank,in the summer it can normally makes ice, but can’t in winter,which is may because of excessive refrigerant. Measure the low pressure, if use R22, it should be below 0.25MPA, and will be difficult to freeze if higher than 0.3MPA
The ice maker needs to freeze the ice in the shortest possible time, which is the maximum amount of cold per unit of time. IT counts in minutes and seconds. Cold storage, etc. is counted by 24 hours for a unit to statistics.  Lack of cooling, you can extend the time to obtain.