What are the requirements for the installation of container cold storage? The container cold storage can be assembled in the container, and the refrigeration equipment can be equipped, according to the customer’s quick freezing demand. The refrigeration equipment and the thermal storage library are selected for integrated planning, which has compact structure and high cooling efficiency. Quick-frozen cold storage usually has a temperature control of -35 to -40 degrees, a fast cooling rate, good food freezing and high efficiency. The refrigerator container is made of standard IC type container. The basic construction scale is 6058mm*2438mm*2438mm. It is equipped with the central part as the main temperature zone, built-in shelf, the front part is the sub-temperature zone and the storage area, and the rear part is the generator cabin and the refrigeration unit. The key components of the refrigeration unit are selected from world-famous brand products. The unit is reliable in operation, leading in operation, outstanding in function, simple in installation, efficient in saving electricity, and low in protection rate. The unit is divided into a single unit and a two-stage low temperature unit, which are sensitively matched according to the size of the refrigeration system. According to the needs of some special occasions, you can also customize the noise reduction chassis cover. The main temperature zone of the container cold storage is made of large-plate insulation structure, and the scale (length * width * height) is 3100mm * 1920mm * 1740mm. The inside of the container cold storage is divided into upper and lower parts by static pressure air plate. The upper part is a static pressure air chamber, and the lower part is a constant temperature zone with heights of 270mm and 1740mm respectively. The static pressure air chamber structure can be used to generate a stable and uniform laminar flow, to reduce The temperature difference in the constant temperature zone; the refrigerated items should be placed first in the constant temperature zone. The main temperature zone wall panel is made of high temperature curing resin glue, and the aluminum profile skeleton, the rustproof aluminum plate, the heat insulation bridge and the rigid polyurethane foam data are bonded and restricted to form a thickness of 100 mm. There is a venting hole at the top of the rear wall panel, which is connected to the transpiration chamber. The transpiration chamber is internally equipped with a chiller of the refrigeration system, and its wall structure is the same as that of the main temperature zone, and the thickness is 80 mm.