As time progresses, the ice maker must keep pace with the development of the times to gain a foothold in economic development. The survival of the fittest has also become a fixed model for measuring the development of enterprises. China’s ice machine technology introduced into China in the 1940s, its tablet ice machine technology quickly emerged in the Central Plains region. With the development and innovation of the technology, the ice maker has gradually derived the ice maker equipment of the supermarket ice maker, hotel ice maker and food processing ice maker, etc. It can be seen that the technological progress is compatible with the ice maker The development of complementary.¬†Technology and flake ice machine development complement each other.
In recent years, our country ice flake technology has gradually got rid of the mode of introducing foreign technologies and started to follow the path of independent innovation. Only the ice core of the core components of the evaporator barrel technology firmly in their own hands, in order to fierce market in 2016 ice machine won the initiative. The performance of flake ice machine to improve the continuous development of science and technology in China is the result of social and economic development is an essential product, it is widely used, can be seen everywhere, whether it is supermarket fresh treasurer, hotel chilled, fresh food production is still mixed Soil cooling, rapid freezing, cooling fruits and vegetables, etc. need to cool down in the hot summer weather ice maker ice machine figure, and now has become a social and economic development of the bridge.
Over the years, Freiway ice making system, with independent innovation, has not only realized its own development of enterprise products, strengthened its confidence in the development of the enterprise, and has become an example for China’s ice machine industry.