ice generator

ice generator with various horizontal lathes are all owned in our company. And the D2.5m vertical lathe can process the single ice bucket up to 50 tons. advanced and perfect processing and heat treatment technology.

flake ice cylinder manufacturer

flake ice cylinder manufacturer with complete mechanical processing equipment and professional senior personnel make the core parts of ice machine.evaporator be at the leading place.

flake ice maker drum

flake ice maker drum automatic protection welding equipment and annealing heat treatment furnace ensure the ice machine high quality and performance better.

15T flake ice evaporator for refrigerator

15T flake ice evaporator for refrigerator has more contact areas and provides greater cooling efficiency due to the outstanding heat exchange efficiency.made of stainless steel with stronger hardness after our special processing, never deformation.

seawater ice flake evaporators

seawater ice flake evaporators with fixed vertical design is made of SUS304 or carbon steel with high heat transfer efficiency and surface Nobelium electroplated.

flake ice machine evaporator

flake ice machine evaporator is where the ice has been generated. It is a vertical placed drum shape container, equipped with the rotating blade which spin and scratch the ice of the inner wall of evaporative.

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