Project Description

vessel flake ice machine

◆ vessel flake ice machine is combined with the special situation of fishing boats, more humane design concept. So that the device has anti-shake, anti-trembling. And can work in harsh environments.

◆ Seawater ice machine is adopted imported SUS high-strength corrosion-resistant materials, special fuselage to ensure that the boat can still run under the violent shaking, and can resist the erosion of the sea.

◆ Marine seawater ice machine is mainly used in fishing vessels on the ocean: fast ice outlet, sufficient production capacity, can effectively frozen the fish for preservation, to avoid losses.

◆ The sea water ice machine directly extract the sea water for cooling and frozen on voyage.

Low temperature of the sea and the salt ensure the equipment in high efficiency and lower ice flake temperature. It’s an indispensable partner for marine fishing.

Model Ice capacity Power supply Cooling type Dimen.(mm) Total Power
FRH-1T 1ton/day 3P/380V/50HZ Water 1310*950*900 6.5KW
FRH-1.5T 1.5ton/day 3P/380V/50HZ Water 1310*950*950 8.5KW
FRH-2T 2ton/day 3P/380V/50HZ Water 1500*1150*1100 11.5KW
FRH-2.5T 2.5ton/day 3P/380V/50HZ Water 1500*1150*1200 13.5KW
FRH-3T 3ton/day 3P/380V/50HZ Water 1500*1150*1250 15.3KW
FRH-4T 4ton/day 3P/380V/50HZ Water 1750*1550*1350 21.8KW
FRH-5T 5ton/day 3P/380V/50HZ Water 1750*1500*1650 23.9KW
FRH-8T 8ton/day 3P/380V/50HZ Water 2530*1830*1680 32.2KW
FRH-10T 10ton/day 3P/380V/50HZ Water 2530*1830*1820 52.6KW
FRH-15T 15ton/day 3P/380V/50HZ Water 3100*2090*1860 68.8KW
FRH-20T 20ton/day 3P/380V/50HZ Water 3695*2090*2050 81.5KW
Materials and sizes can be custom-made for Marine flake ice machine

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