Project Description

tube ice makers

1: tube ice makers 3D simulation assembly, compact structure, simple operation and maintenance.

2: All meterials of ice-making machine that contact with water are made of SUS304. Impurities and the degree of transparency of the metal ions can be ruled automatically out, by every ice-making technology through the circulating water tank.

3: The evaporator adopt special alloy material, which is combined with a unique heat treatment process, so that the evaporator has the best thermal conductivity.

4: PLC computer module automatically control the ice the whole process.

5: tube ice can be eaten directly, frozen drinks, modulation drinks, iced food, making snacks and fresh and so on.

Model tube


Ice capacity Power supply Connecting

tube size





FRGBJ-1T ø22 1T/D 380V/50Hz 1/2″ 1380*900*1980 830
FRGBJ-2T ø22 2T/D 380V/50Hz 1/2″ 1500*1250*2200 1050
FRGBJ-3T ø28 3T/D 380V/50Hz 3/4″ 1600*1300*2200 1280
FRGBJ-5T ø28 5T/D 380V/50Hz 3/4″ 1700*1300*2250 1600
FRGBJ-8T ø28 8T/D 380V/50Hz 3/4″ 2600*1500*3100 1850
FRGBJ-10T ø28 10T/D 380V/50Hz 3/4″ 2800*1750*1900 2750
FRGBJ-15T ø28 15T/D 380V/50Hz 1″ 2200*1900*1900 3820
FRGBJ-20T ø28 20T/D 380V/50Hz 1″ 2600*1500*1620 5200
FRGBJ-25T ø28 25T/D 380V/50Hz 1″ 2500*1900*2200 6950
FRGBJ-30T ø28 30T/D 380V/50Hz 1″ 2500*1900*2300 8430

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