Project Description

Standard integrated cube ice machine adapt the new technologies: original “smart core”, has the “first self-cleaning” and “smart cooling” two major functions; “first self-cleaning” means that at each boot, automatic cleaning tank, the distributor, the evaporator water systems, etc. , It can make ice cubes more hygienic and more transparent; “Intelligent cooling” refers to the fan automatically stops when the temperature is lower than 20°C. When the temperature rises to 30°C, the fan automatically resumes work, saving energy and reducing consumption, prolonging lifetime.

The original “smart core” has two functions: “first time automatic cleaning” and “smart cooling”;
“First time automatic cleaning” refers to the automatic cleaning of water channels such as sinks, water pipes, and evaporation trays each time it is turned on, which can make ice cubes more hygienic and transparent;
“Intelligent cooling” means that the fan automatically stops when the temperature is lower than 20°C. When the temperature rises to 30°C, the fan automatically resumes work, saves energy, and prolongs the service life.
Square ice features:
1. The ice cube has high hardness, and the center ice point can reach minus 18°C. The ice cubes are crystal clear and do not dissolve easily.
2. Hexahedral ice cubes are easy to use and have a large contact surface, allowing the beverage to cool quickly and taste better.

Applicable places for square ice:
Hotels, guesthouses, fast food restaurants, western restaurants, bakeries, cold drinks shops, fast food restaurants, juice bars, coffee shops, ice cream shops, ice factories and other places have a wide range of applications.integrated cube ice machines

1.Arc pushing gate design, beautiful appearance, convenient to take the ice
2.Bigger nickel plated copper ice tray, yield than similar products more than 10% above
3.The original “intelligent core” makes the machine with stable performance, convenient maintenance.
4. One key cleaning system, make your ice machine keep more safety.
5..Front mounted radiator, convenient to clean. Advanced noise reduction technology, which lower 15% noise.
6.Inner tank, water tank, water pipe meet food grade standards, safe and healthy.
7.Overall ice storage tank, the thermal insulation layer is integral foam. Good heat preservation performance.



Ice shape StorageCapacity


Power Refrigerant Condenseunit
FR-30 30kg Cube ice 15kg 430×530×750 220V,280W R22/R134a Air
FR-40 40kg 15kg 430×530×750 220V,300W R22/R134a
FR-50 50kg 30kg 530×580×850 220V,320W R22/R134a
FR-60 60kg 30kg 530×580×850 220V,360W R22/R134a
FR-70 70kg 30kg 530×580×850 220V,550W R22/R404a Air/Water
FR-80 80kg 45kg 680×680×980 220V,580W R22/R404a
FR-90 90kg 45kg 680×680×980 220V,600W R22/R404a
FR-120 120kg 45kg 680×680×980 220V,650W R22/R404a
FR-150 150kg 45kg 680×680×980 220V,680W R22/R404a

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