Project Description

industrial ice flake machine for food features and advantages:

1. Large contact area: As its flat and thin shape, it has got the largest contact area among all types of ice. The larger its contact area is, the faster it cools other stuff.

In comparison with 1 ton of cube ice, 1 ton of flake ice has 1799 sqm of contact area while 1 ton of cube ice only has 1383 sqm, therefore the flake ice has got much better cooling effects than cube ice.
ice flake machine industrial2. Low cost of producing
The producing of flake ice is very economical, it only requires 1.3RT refrigerating effect to make 1 ton of ice from 16C water.
3. Perfect in food cooling
Flake ice is type of dry and crispy ice, it hardly forms any shape edges, in food cooling process, this nature has made it the best material for cooling, it can reduce the possibility of damage to food to the lowest rate.
4. Thoroughly mixing
Flake ice can become water quickly through the rapid heat exchanging with products, and also supply the moisture for products to be cooled.
5. Convenient for delivery
Because the flake ice fairly dry, it will not stick with others during delivery or storage.


Ice capacity 30000kg/24h
N.W of ice machine 324kg
Machine dimen. 3880*2120*2400mm
ice flake thickness 1.5mm-2.2mm
Refrigerant R22
Necessary refrigerating capacity 210kw
Evaporator Material Q235
Evaporation Tept.   -22℃
Condensation Tept. 40℃
Standard feed-wate Tept. 18℃
Standard ambient Tept. 25℃
Water supply Pressure 0.1MP-0.6MP
Total Power 115.7kw
Power Supply 3 phases 380V 50Hz
flake ice Tept.   -5∽-8℃
Cooling type Water cooling

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