Project Description

flake ice machine evaporator

1. Standard conditions: ambient temperature 25 ℃, water temperature 18 ℃, evaporation temperature: -22 ℃, condensation temperature: 40 ℃.

2. Refrigerant: R404A & R22 & R507 & R507

3. Power supply: (3P / 380V / 50HZ) & (3P / 220V / 60HZ) & (1P / 220V / 50HZ)

4. Inner wall material: SUS304 & Q235 electroplated hard chrome

Commercial flake ice machine is widely used in supermarkets, food preservation, food processing, marine fisheries and other industries;

Medium-sized flake ice machine is widely used in food processing, chemical dyes, aquatic products and other industries;

Industrial flake ice machine is widely used in hydropower stations, nuclear power plants, concrete mixing and other industries.

Name Materials Name Parameters
Tank Q235&SUS304&SUS316 Ice production 200KG/24H
Pedestal cast aluminum&SUS304 Refrigerating capacity 1.8kw
Top Base cast aluminum&SUS304 Evaporation Tept.     -22℃
Lower cover cast aluminum&SUS304 Cooling Tept. 40℃
Shaft SUS304 Stand ambient Tept. 25℃
Blade SUS304 Feed-water Tept. 18℃
Baffle plate SUS304 Installed power 0.25kw
water baffle SUS304 Reduction Power 0.18kw
Bearing NSK Pump Power 0.08kw
Insulation Polyurethane Power supply 1P-220V-50Hz
Outsourcing baord SUS304 Feed-water Pressure 0.1Mpa-0.5Mpa
Reducer Cast iron(Taiwan Machine) Refrigerant R22&R404
Water tank SUS304 Plate ice Tept.       -5℃
Water pump Freiway N.W. 34kg
Bottom frame SUS304 Dimension 580*415*450mm

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