Project Description

cube ice maker

cube ice maker with the leading technology of efficient copper and nickel evaporator plate, fast ice-making speed and ice -fall-off. Reasonably increase the evaporation area, both to ensure adequate ice production,and the quality of ice.
Microcomputer control, water, drainage, ice, ice automatic, no need manual operate. Safe and reliable to use. Condensation system and condensate temperature of the scientific configuration of the device, can adapt to different high and low temperature environment. Saving water. Strict process requirements, the world famous brand parts, low failure rate, long life Fluorine-free polyester foam technology as a whole, with high insulation properties.
Stainless steel shell, luxurious and generous, corrosion-resistant, easy to clean, durable. Hexahedral ice, cool drink faster, better taste. High-quality copper-nickel evaporator, water-based ice-making, almost all of the impurity can be removed, the ice crystal clear and low freezing point for coffee, milk tea, iced drinks, whiskey and so on.

Model Ice capacity Dimen. Power supply Power
FRKLB-30 30kg/d 430*530*780+50mm 220V 0.32KW
FRKLB-40 40kg/d 430*530*780+50mm 220V 0.38KW
FRKLB-50 50kg/d 530*580*820+50mm 220V 0.42WK
FRKLB-60 60kg/d 530*580*820+50mm 220V 0.45KW
FRKLB-70 70kg/d 530*580*820+50mm 220V 0.55KW
FRKLB-80 80kg/d 680*680*890+90mm 220V 0.58KW
FRKLB-90 90kg/d 680*680*890+90mm 220V 0.6KW
FRKLB-120 120kg/d 680*680*890+90mm 220V 0.65KW
FRKLB-150 150kg/d 680*680*890+90mm 220V 0.7KW
FRKLB-160 160kg/d 560*830*1580mm 220V 0.75KW
FRKLB-180 180kg/d 560*830*1580mm 220V 0.85KW
FRKLB-230 230kg/d 560*830*1700mm 220V 0.95KW
FRKLB-250 250kg/d 760*830*1680mm 220V 0.95KW
FRKLB-280 280kg/d 560*830*1700mm 220V 1.1KW
FRKLB-300 300kg/d 760*830*1680mm 220V 1.1KW
FRKLB-320 320kg/d 560*830*1700mm 220V 1.2KW
FRKLB-350 350kg/d 760*830*1850mm 220V 1.2KW
FRKLB-400 400kg/d 760*830*1850mm 220V 1.4KW
FRKLB-500 500kg/d 760*830*1850mm 220V 1.6KW
FRKLB-600 600kg/d 760*830*1850mm 220V 1.8KW
FRKLB-680 680kg/d 1220*930*1680mm 220V 2.4KW
FRKLB-900 900kg/d 1220*930*1680mm 380V 3.8KW
FRKLB-1000 1000kg/d 1220*930*1680mm 380V 4.5KW

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