Project Description

cube ice machine for food

  •  Large ice production capacity: can design machines with ice capacity from 30 kg to 20 tons daily according to user’s requirements.
    According to the world wide temperature, if ambient temperature below 35 ℃, water temperature 25 ℃, ice production can reach 90% to 95%; environment temperature below 20 ℃, water temperature 15 ℃, ice capacity can reach 97% to 100%.
  •  Low energy consumption: ambient temperature below 35 ℃, water temperature 25 ℃, energy consumption 84-89KW / T; Ambient temperature 20 ℃, water temperature 15 ℃, energy consumption is 69 ~ 83KW / T. Compared with similar products, can save above 6% energy.
  • Automatic computer control: ice thickness and size can be automatically adjusted;automatically induced ambient temperature and water temperature. Automatic freeze into ice, automatic fall-off and automatic feed water. No need manual adjustment.
  • safety and health: the whole body is make of SUS304 stainless steel material;automatic cleaning sink, forbid impurity precipitation. Health and safety are meet the high standards of food hygiene requirements.
  • Cube characteristics: crystal clear ice, hard and thick, uniform size, water chestnut clear, nice. Meet the world requirment about edible ice.
Model Ice capacity Dimen. Power supply Power
FRKLB-30 30kg/d 430*530*780+50mm 220V 0.32KW
FRKLB-40 40kg/d 430*530*780+50mm 220V 0.38KW
FRKLB-50 50kg/d 530*580*820+50mm 220V 0.42WK
FRKLB-60 60kg/d 530*580*820+50mm 220V 0.45KW
FRKLB-70 70kg/d 530*580*820+50mm 220V 0.55KW
FRKLB-80 80kg/d 680*680*890+90mm 220V 0.58KW
FRKLB-90 90kg/d 680*680*890+90mm 220V 0.6KW
FRKLB-120 120kg/d 680*680*890+90mm 220V 0.65KW
FRKLB-150 150kg/d 680*680*890+90mm 220V 0.7KW
FRKLB-160 160kg/d 560*830*1580mm 220V 0.75KW
FRKLB-180 180kg/d 560*830*1580mm 220V 0.85KW
FRKLB-230 230kg/d 560*830*1700mm 220V 0.95KW
FRKLB-250 250kg/d 760*830*1680mm 220V 0.95KW
FRKLB-280 280kg/d 560*830*1700mm 220V 1.1KW
FRKLB-300 300kg/d 760*830*1680mm 220V 1.1KW
FRKLB-320 320kg/d 560*830*1700mm 220V 1.2KW
FRKLB-350 350kg/d 760*830*1850mm 220V 1.2KW
FRKLB-400 400kg/d 760*830*1850mm 220V 1.4KW
FRKLB-500 500kg/d 760*830*1850mm 220V 1.6KW
FRKLB-600 600kg/d 760*830*1850mm 220V 1.8KW
FRKLB-680 680kg/d 1220*930*1680mm 220V 2.4KW
FRKLB-900 900kg/d 1220*930*1680mm 380V 3.8KW
FRKLB-1000 1000kg/d 1220*930*1680mm 380V 4.5KW

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