Project Description

Analysis on features of concrete cooling ice system

In order to solve the concrete mixing quality caused by temperature rise when concrete pouring,and large volume of cracks and other issues, Freiway designed and developed a full set of concrete cooling ice making system. This system is suitable for the major nuclear power, water conservancy and hydropower, traffic Construction and other occasions, to ensure a large area of ​​concrete pouring quality.
Freiway automatic ice have containerized and modular. The ice storage range is from 20T to 200T. The steel structure is with removable design, easy for on-site installation, convenient to move and transport. Rake ice system is installed in the container. The entire equipment is assembled in the factory completely, and can be shipped direct truck, rail or ship transport. Even in remote mountainous area, It is easy to use.

Model Ice capacity Refrigerating Capacity Container Total Power Ice Library size
FRA-25T 25T 155KW 20” 95kw 12912*2438*2591
FRA-30T 30T 186KW 40” 108kw 12912*2438*2896
FRA-40T 40T 248KW 40” 142kw 12912*2438*5515
FRA-50T 50T 310KW 40” 182kw 12912*3530*4000
FRA-60T 60T 372KW 40” 213kw 12912*4130*4000
FRA-80T 80T 496KW 40” 276kw 12912*5190*4000
FRA-100T 100T 620KW 2*40” 385kw 15000*5190*4310

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