Project Description

concrete cooling ice making system

The cold water system is a top priority for the entire cooling system. Through the cold water system, the water temperature can reach more than 45 degrees of hot water, after four cooling down to 0.5 degrees Celsius.

The temperature is the best concrete activity of the appropriate temperature. Typically, a single or multiple semi-enclosed piston compressors are used as refrigeration components.

The cold water system can be made into a container type.
Concrete cooling ice making system requires a lot of ice that can be quickly cooled to do the cooling medium. The ice and plate ice is widely used in the concrete cooling system because of its maximum surface area per unit ton, the best cooling effect, the largest output.

Concrete systems use large-scale industrial ice machine, the daily output can reach tens of tons or even hundreds of tons. The container structure makes it easy to protect, and has strong anti-interference ability, can be modular with other systems, convenient transportation and so on.

Ice-making system The bottom of the evaporator has an ice outlet, and the ice can fall directly into the bottom of the ice storage system.
Freiway can provide customers with the best ice machine system to solve the problem, according to the use of concrete conditions and requirements.

Model Ice capacity Refrigerating Capacity Container Total Power Ice Library size
FRA-25T 25T 155KW 20” 95kw 12912*2438*2591
FRA-30T 30T 186KW 40” 108kw 12912*2438*2896
FRA-40T 40T 248KW 40” 142kw 12912*2438*5515
FRA-50T 50T 310KW 40” 182kw 12912*3530*4000
FRA-60T 60T 372KW 40” 213kw 12912*4130*4000
FRA-80T 80T 496KW 40” 276kw 12912*5190*4000
FRA-100T 100T 620KW 2*40” 385kw 15000*5190*4310

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