In 2016, China’s ice machine manufacturers can be described as “up” potential one, the ice machines have be improved technologically. All over the country, ice machine manufacturers’s production have been expanded, the industry’s development of some enterprises have been greatly improved. China’s ice machine manufacturers, whether in international or domestic market have made a greater development. However, in the ice machine manufacturers “up” potential of a good situation, there are many problems and contradictions to be resolved, the ice machine manufacturers are facing a great challenge. First of all, due to the rapid development in recent years, many small and medium-sized amateur ice machine enterprises joined this field, and even some outsiders who see the benefits of the ice machine manufacturers, join them, which led China’s ice machine industry in different levels, so that the quality of the flake ice machine market is not guaranteed; secondly, because China’s ice machine industry started late, and has a great gap between the advanced level of foreign large. If want to catch up with the international advanced level, we need to make a lot of effort. Again, labor costs, raw material prices and other factors also have a great impact on the ice machine manufacturers.
With the steady improvement of the modern people’s living standards, fresh food on supermarket, the hotel chilled, food processing and other needs of fresh, because of its harsh and bad ice-making environment, the majority of users are getting a higher requirement on the ice machine Performance. At the same time, with the national energy-saving emission reduction policies and measures to strengthen the implementation of the ice machine equipment, which also have higher requirements. It can be said that today’s ice machine industry is facing unprecedented opportunities and challenges. Under this situation, China’s ice machine business enterprises must develop a scientific and rational development plan, implement modern scientific management, pay attention to the ice machine product research and development. This is the only healthy way to achieve the rapid development of ice machine manufacturers.