Energy conservation and environmental protection has become one of the most important features of this era. Central air conditioning, as the most popular use of modern technology, has brought people a better life to enjoy, at the same time with great challenges to energy conservation and environmental protection. Energy saving has become a very serious problem to central air conditioning industry. From the current energy-saving view, starting from the source, the policy of use energy diversification of new energy development is greatly advocated by government. Such as the development of solar or natural gas, city gas, power generation waste heat, industrial waste heat, biogas and other non-electric central air conditioning, which is undoubtedly one of the most intuitive direction.

Of course, from the industry to optimize the technology to proceed with energy conservation, and fully improve the utilization of energy, so as to achieve the purpose of energy conservation, which is the current central air conditioning development direction. At present, in addition to building automation, ice storage is one of the most representative energy-saving technology.

The birth of ice storage technology is another revolution for human energy development and utilization. Ice storage air conditioning uses night cooling, cold during the day, ice storage, during the night when power load is very low, make ice by motor,and the cold stored in the way of ice; and in the high load during the day Cooling the host, the amount of cold storrf at night is to release, so as to meet the needs of the unit with the cold load. On the one hand to reduce the thermal potential difference, you can save part of the energy, on the other hand staggered the peak period of electricity, to achieve electricity load “shift peak valley”, effectively solve the summer power grid imbalance from power grid increased Capacity, power plant capacity and other industries, which has a certain social benefits.

This technology was developed in the United States at the beginning of the last century and began to apply, but at the beginning it is not universal. Until the eighties the world’s energy crisis, the energy saving advantages of ice storage has absorbed the world’s attention, and get widely used. Japan’s energy is short, ice storage market is quite good. At present, this technology has been force to apply to solve the power supply pressure imbalance in some developed countries.

China from the nineties begans to introduce foreign ice storage technology, hundreds of units have been using it.