What’s the reason of making ice so slow

Summer is really the season in need of ice, so when choosing ice machines the users should take into account: ice maker, in the summer hot weather, also the best period for business, ice is [...]

ice machine can not be in dehydration program and ice falls off

Symptoms: the compressor has been working to cool, the pump has been working pumping, ice is getting thicker, but can not enter the dehydration program for ice falling. Cause: Test the temperature probe, the intelligent control [...]

Ice does not fall off in ice-free grogram

Symptom: Ice does not fall off in ice-free grogram(the pump stops working, the compressor stops cooling) Cause: Defrost solenoid valve is damaged. Maintenance: Replace the solenoid valve or outer coil.

Short of water and light but the machine does not automatically water

Symptoms: Short of water and light but the machine does not automatically water Reason: pipe anhydrous, or water solenoid valve is faulty, the valve does not open. Maintenance: check the water pipeline, if no water, open and restart. [...]

The operating principle of ice making machine

Ice-making machine can be divided into a variety of kinds, there are small household, edible, commercial and industrial type, ice-making ice ice is divided into many kinds, such as piece of ice, ice, ice, bullet [...]