1.Concrete mixing works

Large-scale hydropower dam, nuclear power, high-speed railway, high-rise building foundation Large volume of casting need to use temperature control concrete. During the mixing process, the internal volume of the concrete hydration heat increases, especially in the high temperature conditions, the heat generated by stirring is higher. In the future conservation or low temperature environment, the thermal expansion and contraction will lead to concrete Of the internal volume decreases, this process usually occurs cracks. Therefore, the initial pouring temperature of concrete is low, to the architectural design unit of the limited temperature, so as to ensure the quality of the project. Construction of the use of ice mixed cooling method or stirring ice method for concrete cooling. Ice water mixture cooling refers to the pool of water in the pool of water has been added to reduce the temperature of the mixing water; stirring ice method is directly in the mixing process by adding ice to achieve the purpose of reducing the temperature of concrete. We have years of experience in the field of concrete cooling, according to different operating environment and requirements, designed to set ice, storage, transportation in one of the concrete sheet ice control system.

ice making machine applications2. Chemical and dye industries

With the rapid development of chemical products processing industry, the market for chemical product quality, process requirements continue to improve, due to the physical properties of ice, ice in the chemical industry to determine the application of the continuous expansion. In the process of synthesis of azo-reactive pigments and dyes, diazotization, coupling and condensation are the necessary synthetic processes for the production of diazotization, coupling and condensation A large amount of heat, and the ideal reaction conditions should be 0 – 5 ℃, so in the chemical reaction process must be added a lot of ice to cool to control the temperature, in order to ensure product quality.
3. Artificial ice and snow engineering and artificial ski resort applications

Artificial ice and snow project, artificial snow and ice environment is a large-scale construction. Leier ice machine adhering to years of construction experience. To the advantages of convenient conditions for manufacturers directly to customer service for customers to save the cost of intermediate links. Lier ice machine has been in the domestic group of well-known large-scale construction of ice and snow projects have made outstanding contributions, Leier ice machine products are more complete, complete series of snow machine, ice system to meet different customers in different environments , Different requirements of the amount of ice. Especially in dealing with harsh environments, Leier ice machine products is a unique technical advantages and years of engineering experience. The snow-fed ice system is ideal for your safety and economy. Artificial skiing, has been abroad for over a hundred years of history, has become the world’s many countries in the winter outdoor sports major projects in the United States, Japan, Germany and other developed countries are extremely popular in these countries have a large number of high ski facility. But in China, the development of popular skiing is only a few years time the public participation in skiing is closely linked with people’s economic level, skiing consumption is not low; the rapid development of China’s economy for the development of skiing has created a good condition. After the improvement of living standards, the Chinese people more and more like sports. In many countries in Europe and North America, skiing has been accepted by many ordinary consumers. Skiing has become one of the most popular leisure sports in the winter. In the United States, the number of people who love skiing has 8 million people, ski equipment, annual sales of up to 350 million US dollars Therefore, it was asserted that skiing as a new outdoor sports in China, in 35 years to become the Chinese people sought after the trend The Leier film machine foresight to see this great potential of the entertainment consumer market, the domestic artificial skiing trapped in the lack of equipment, only the introduction of foreign expensive complete sets of equipment, which undoubtedly increased the cost, but also the domestic ski resort Troubled by the imperfect of after-sales service. In response to this situation, Leier ice machine company has introduced years of experience in ski engineering engineering experience of Japanese companies related products and technologies. And developed in line with national conditions of the snow to send ice system. And Leier ice machine products, the biggest advantage is undoubtedly excellent performance, local price and considerate after-sales service.
4.Dairy production

In the fermentation process of yogurt production, in order to control the fermentation time, temperature and humidity, to maintain the bio-active factors of yogurt, temperature control fermentation is artificially using the cooling method to control the temperature below the normal fermentation temperature to get the desired quality The Add the right amount of hygiene, clean sheets of ice is a good way to deal with.

5. Poultry processing

With the improvement of people’s living standards, the requirements for food hygiene are becoming more and more strict. Especially for food export enterprises, each of the production process has a strict request. Poultry slaughtering countries require a spiral chill in the water temperature to be controlled at 0 ℃ -4 ℃, if only through the chiller to cool the water temperature does not meet the national requirements, so in the actual production process must also go to the spiral pre-tank Add a lot of piece of ice to control the water temperature.

6. Fresh fruits and vegetables

Chemical synthesis of preservative food safety is increasingly questionable today, fruits and vegetables, meat and other food storage and preservation gradually towards the physical mode, and to maximize its natural quality, food safety, convenience, low energy consumption storage direction The Natural cold source and wet and cold storage and other physical preservation methods are in line with this trend of development and gradually get people’s recognition and attention. The wet and cold system is a method of ice storage by means of the ice sheet ice. The low temperature ice water is obtained by mixing the heat exchanger, allowing the ice water to communicate with the air in the reservoir, and get the high temperature air close to the freezing point temperature to cool Fruit and vegetable. It can quickly cool the fruits and vegetables to the storage temperature, and maintain the temperature, combined with the synergistic effect of ozone, so that fruits and vegetables in a low temperature and high humidity environment, and will not be harmed by mold.

7. Wine industry

In the fermentation process, due to biochemical reactions, the temperature is rising, in order to control the fermentation temperature and time, to maintain the biological activity of yeast to improve the stability of non-microbes, adding appropriate amount of clean sheet of ice is an effective treatment The

8. Bread Cookies

In the process of bread and biscuit production, the temperature rise due to friction causes the flour to lose its activity and the decrease in the strength of the bread affects the quality of the bread biscuits. When the cream is pressed or twice, the ice is rapidly cooled to prevent the fermentation. Use the appropriate amount of clean ice to adjust the temperature, will ensure the quality of the product.
9. Aquatic processing

With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards and the rapid development of export processing industry, the inherent quality of seafood requirements are increasing. As the ice can provide sufficient water and can reduce the special physical properties of temperature, so ice in the field of deep processing of fisheries has been widely used. No matter how the mechanical refrigeration system develops, it can only provide cold temperatures, and can not provide a humid environment, and easy to make the surface of aquatic products dry, dehydrated or even frost the surface of the fish, resulting in declining fresh seafood, and only ice can provide Perfect cooling environment, can keep seafood in the ideal wet state, both to prevent seafood deterioration, decay, but also to prevent the dehydration of aquatic products, frostbite. Melting ice water can also rinse the surface of seafood, seafood can be discharged from the bacteria and odor to remove, to achieve the desired fresh effect. So a lot of ice is used in the fishing, storage, transportation, processing of marine fisheries.

10. Meat processing

The ice in the sausage and ham has been widely used, the sausage of the rolling and rolling process, due to high-speed rotation of the drums and kneading barrels and the friction caused by the high temperature, not only contributed to the breeding of bacteria, but also Changed the flesh and taste, and will cause degreasing (fat to melt), so that the production of sausage bacteria exceeded, color bleak, taste hard, greasy. When the ice is mixed into the ingredients of the sausage, it will get the rapid cooling and the ideal concentration, keep the product color and taste, prevent degreasing, improve health standards.

11. Supermarket preservation

Ice is widely used in supermarkets seafood, fresh meat preservation and display. As the surface of the ice surface slippery, the fish surface without any scratches, to maintain the permeability of the lower seafood to ensure that the original product taste, to prevent the loss of product dehydration hypoxia.

12. Biopharmaceuticals and laboratory cooling

In the biopharmaceutical and laboratory refrigeration process, in order to control the reaction temperature, to maintain biological activity, the need to join the ice to control the temperature of drugs and experimental products to ensure its quality.

13. Marine fisheries

Seawater ice machine using stainless steel, anti-corrosion aluminum alloy, the surface of special treatment alloy, freon refrigerant integration and the formation of durable design, spare parts loss less suitable for long-term continuous operation. The use of any place no matter what the sea can be ice special drum. Compared with the heavy block ice from the port, the direct use of seawater ice in the fishing grounds, the ship’s load can be reduced, fuel costs can also be substantial savings. Our new models to shake the angle of 35 degrees or less, can maintain the water cycle without overflow and normal use. This piece of ice machine covers an area of ​​small, low noise, can be installed in the cabin, according to the amount of ice you choose the required model.