The quality of the ice making system is necessarily linked to the quality of the upstream machines, equipment, and parts, and they directly affect the level of the ice machine. With the continuous improvement of China’s refrigeration compressor research and development, capital accumulation process is gradually completed, the development space is still great. If China’s independent intellectual property rights of the compressor manufacturing level is further improved, ice machine heat exchanger and its processing accuracy and efficiency has been further enhanced, its market share in domestic and foreign markets will have a greater leap forward.

From China’s overall environment, the construction of a good environment and innovative national policy,creats the best policy conditions for the rapid development of the ice machine industry. And also for the investment in science and technology innovation funds are increasing every year, then the industry should focus on our existing poor processing accuracy, low level of material and other issues, combined with further enhanced energy efficiency, research and development of environmentally friendly refrigerants and other issues, through the production and research Combined with specific issues, as soon as possible breakthroughs to solve the relevant technical problems, to achieve rapid development of the industry and create an international brand.

Industrial and commercial ice industry downstream industry covers a wide range, including nuclear power, water conservancy, hydropower, construction, retail, chemical, medical, food, aquatic products, mining, entertainment and so on. From the historical and prior art level, the above-mentioned areas, the technology of temperature control, the use of ice-making technology is the most economical and reasonable application program; no ice-making technology applications, will lead to a direct loss to the production and safety of above-mentioned fields.

Existing problems in ice machine industry are mainly about around one center to solve two problems. A central issue is how to further improve the technical level of the ice machine industry; so it needs to focus on two issues, one is the R & D team of continuous improvement, how high the level of R & D team, the number of results, reflecting the results of the conversion For the level of product after the product level is the leading international level, or the international advanced level; is our leading level, or China’s advanced level, only with the appropriate level in order to produce the corresponding brand in order to create higher value. Especially in the ice parts of the study should be progress, should not only stay in a certain form of manufacturing, but also research, testing its efficiency and its structure, material improvement program to improve the ice rate , Shorten the ice time, improve ice efficiency. Second, continue to regulate the market, improve the technical protection measures. Through the continuous improvement of the standardization system, the establishment of market access system and quality assurance system; through continuous improvement of the protection of patents, independent intellectual property rights of legal awareness, to promote technological innovation and product technology level.