Characteristics of seawater Flake Ice Machine
1. It does not need to carry a large amount of ice to sea, and it does not need to line up to play ice. It starts out within 3 minutes after starting. And it is very convenient for use with the system.

2. It is no longer worrying about the ice-melting time for ice-carrying operations, and the actual weight of the ice is less than 90%. The ice will be easily wasted during the process of breaking.

3. The sea ice sheet is soft and soft, which is far more favorable than the irregular crushed ice to protect the quality of the catch, ensuring the high selling price of the fish and the benefits.

4. Increase the scope of fishing activities for fishing vessels, so there is no need to worry about carrying ice back to Hong Kong in advance.

5. Bringing machines to the sea to continue ice, do not worry about the lack of ice in fish, and extend fishing cycles in the sea, saving fuel costs for round trips and reducing costs.

6. The perishable products of seafood affect health, and personal injuries occur frequently at fishing ports. Sea ice is more consistent with the quality of seafood products, effectively reducing decay and reducing accident rates.

7. Sea water ice sheet is dry and free of moisture. It is not easy to melt in the fish silo, and it is not easy to be bonded. It will not form ice arch ice bridge to increase manual labor when using ice.

8, to reduce the shipping weight of fishing vessels, improve speed, is conducive to carrying more fish supplies and living supplies.

9, FREIWAY sea water ice machine can not only extract seawater ice, but also can use fresh water ice, or with seawater desalination machine.

10. Delay the stiff period of seafood products and extend the time of first-grade preservation, so that fish and seafood can be sold at a good price.

11, visual fishing conditions, weather changes determine the operating cycle, avoid premature return to Hong Kong resulting in unnecessary ice consumption.

12. The FREIWAY marine sea water flake ice machine series has obtained the “Board Inspection Certificate” from the Fisheries and Ships Inspection Bureau of China. It can be subsidized by the Bureau of Fisheries when it installs.

13. The FREIWAY marine sea ice sheet ice machine has the advantages of simple operation, safety, reliability, stable operation, reasonable structure, low noise, and small footprint. The product has matured and has nearly 20 years of experience abroad. Fishing boats can normally make ice in a harsh 30-degree tilt environment. Built-in microcomputer control system, fault intelligent display, easy to eliminate. The overall anti-corrosion design of the equipment, the inner wall of the ice bucket 316L stainless steel, copper-nickel alloy seawater condenser, the world’s first glass fiber reinforced plastic sheath, the design life of up to 10-12 years. The equipment uses a special compressor for deep oil storage tanks to ensure normal ice making in bumpy weather.