An ice maker is a refrigeration machine that cools water through an evaporator to cool the refrigerant from the refrigeration system. According to the principle of the evaporator and the generation process, the shape of the ice is different. Generally, the ice machine is divided into cube ice machine, flake ice machine, block ice machine, tube ice machine,etc.

Ice machine applications:
fresh food, seafood, retail:
1, ocean fishing: ice machine placed on fishing boats, ice and aquatic products mixed in the storage compartment
2, long-distance transport: ice machine placed in the terminal or processing plant, ice and aquatic products mixed in the transport container
3, display: ice maker placed in the supermarket, the ice and aquatic products mixed in the supermarket showcase

Food cooling food processing:
1, slaughter: poultry slaughter and heat removal of hair removal in addition to dirty, quickly through the ice water mixture for rapid cooling treatment to ensure that fresh food
2, processing: sausage, ham and other meat deep processing, need to cool the mixture of ice water to adjust the meat rolling and grinding mixing process of heat generated to prevent the breeding of meat bacteria to speed up the meat color darkening, degreasing Etc., to improve health standards, to ensure product quality
3, agricultural products and vegetables harvest processing: the pre-cooling treatment of vegetables to keep fresh vegetables, chemical temperature chemical chemical degradation bio-pharmaceutical bio-pharmaceutical chemical reactor cooling

Chemical dyes, chemical reactor cooling:
Cold storage, mine downhole temperature: ice maker placed in the well, the ice delivered into the well to reduce the downhole temperature; ice melt after the cold water spray excavation surface, play a cooling, dust effect.

Compared with water refrigerant,the advantage of the ice refrigerant in the downhole cooling process is that the cooling capacity is high and avoid to bring additional pressure to the storage device.