Ice machine problems,the first feeling gives to people is broken, need repairs, have to find technology.
In fact, sometimes it is very simple to solve it, even only if you restart it, look at the failure point in the achievement of unraveling open, symptomatic remedy. Following are some common symptoms, learn it well, do it, you can also be professional! Analysis for common failures of ice making machines.

1. What is the cause of the icing knot in the ice maker? Check whether the flowing water is flowing evenly and check whether the top water hole is not even blocked. Spray-type inspection nozzle is clogged or not.

2. If you freeze a bottle of water, use an ice machine or a low-temperature refrigerator? Ice machines cannot be used because the power of the ice machine is relatively large. Sometimes the bottle may be frozen. To use a low-temperature refrigerator for freezing, you need to adjust the refrigeration of the low-temperature refrigerator to a larger level, increase the power, and then you should be able to ice it, but it takes longer.

3. What is the ice making mechanism when ice is not flowing? The circulating water pump should be checked to see if it is working properly. If it is not bad, then the water level probe may be a short circuit. The water level control head can judge whether there is water or not, it is through some signal to judge whether it is needed. Of water.

4. What is the difference between a spray-type ice machine and a flow-type ice machine?
1) Spray the ice maker water pump to spray water to the top of the evaporator, the evaporator ice tray is installed horizontally, the ice cube is hard: the water flow type ice maker flows from the upper part of the ice tray and flows through the ice tray with the gravity of the ice. The trays are mounted vertically, and the ice cubes produced are not very hard to spray.
2) Spraying efficiency is not as good as flowing type.
3) The ice tray of the spray-type ice maker is the horizontal mold of the ice maker, and the mold is downward; the flow type is vertical.

5. What is the reason for the short dehydration time of the ice maker? What is the reason? How to solve it? The dehydration time of the ice maker may be short: the ice plate probe is not correct; the water level probe has a deviation: the water source temperature; the inlet water solenoid valve: water pressure. The solution is to adjust the ice plate control needle to a proper thickness and adjust it to the best thickness; check the position of the water level and the water level probe is appropriate; the temperature of the water source can not be higher than 32°C: see if the water inlet valve is normal The water pressure must be 20-80Psi.

6. Ice Machine Compressor Water Condenser There are some refrigeration equipments that are normal, but no ice. What is the reason? The reason for the non-icing should be that Freon is not enough, or that the fluorine line filter is clogged or that too much Freon will not make ice. What is Freon? What is the role? Freon is a generic term for several fluorochloromethane and fluorochloroethane. Freon is a colorless gas or volatile liquid at room temperature, slightly scented, low toxicity, and chemically stable. Due to its stable chemical properties, non-flammable, non-toxic, low dielectric constant, high critical temperature, and easy liquefaction, Freon is widely used as a refrigerant for refrigeration equipment and air conditioning equipment. Their commercial code F represents fluorocarbons, the first number is equal to the number of carbon atoms minus one (if omitted is zero), the second number is equal to the number of hydrogen atoms plus one, the third number is equal to the number of fluorine atoms, chlorine atoms The number is not listed. Since Freon may damage the atmospheric ozone layer, it has been restricted to use.

7. Ice machine cooling effect is not enough, the ice plate does not freeze, the copper pipe on the radiator is not hot how to do? Insufficient exhaust gas, the compressor is broken, the cooling effect may not be able to be performed, there will be scaling in the capillary problem, and the plugging system will cause no ice formation. High pressure is not hot, go to see the inflation valve. The main inspection is first, the pumping system. Pump water flow is too large to shut off. To reduce the amount of water, the water can flow into the ice mold and the ice machine can not be cooled or stopped. The water flowing on the ice sheet becomes ice sand, which means that the ice sheet does not freeze, and the copper tube on the radiator is not hot.

In general, the role of ice is divided into three types: one for cooling, two for food, and three for artificial scenes for viewing. Subdivided, ice machines are widely used in industries such as aquatic products, food, supermarkets, dairy products, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, vegetable preservation, and marine fishing. With the development of the society and the continuous improvement of people’s production levels, the ice industry has become increasingly popular. The wider the ice, the more demanding the quality of the ice. The requirements for “high performance”, “low failure rate”, and “sanitation” of ice makers are becoming more and more urgent. It is summarized that the flake ice machine is currently used in the processing of aquatic products, the processing of meat products, food processing, the application of supermarkets and aquatic products markets, the application of long-distance transportation processes, laboratories, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, artificial skis, etc. The industry is also widely used in concrete projects.