1, flake ice machine with high efficiency, low loss of cold

The flake ice machine is sprayed with cold water around, the whole evaporator is fully exposed to the water source, and is rapidly evaporated to form the ice layer. The spiral skate will quickly cut the ice cut, and the evaporator and the evaporator are protected with high efficiency insulation, low loss of cold;

2, flake ice machine produce with good quality, dry and not bonded

The flake ice machine evaporator adopts the spiral groove structure design, uniform liquid supply, high efficiency evaporation, the water falling on the ice bucket and the refrigerant do full heat exchange to form the thick and dry ice layer, the general thickness is up to 1.8 ~ 2.5mm, flake is not easy to stick, easy to use for user;

3,flake ice machine produces variety of ice, simple structure, little coverage.

Ice machine has a fresh water type, sea type, comes with cold source, the user with cold source, with a variety of ice. Ice capacity is from 400Kg / 24h-50000Kg / 24h and other specifications, the user can choose the machine according to the application, water quality to select the appropriate model. Ice machine is in small size, simple structure, easy installation, small coverage, low noise and other advantages. It’s practical to use anywhere.

4, the ice machine with PLC programmable control system, stable performance, free control

The ice machine adopts PLC programmable control system to realize the control, the running performance is stable, reliable security. User can control the ice machine automatic start and shutdown according to the electricity consumption, realize the energy saving and the automatic control.

5, ice machine is simple to control, high requirement of hygienic

The ice machine is automatic control, the operator can press the switch to start. Evaporator materials are adoted with imported 304 stainless steel or heat transfer efficiency and efficient carbon steel surface plating hard Nuo treatment to ensure that the ice bucket super corrosion resistance and flake ice clean and sanitary.

6, the ice machine with perfect fault protection device
The ice machine is equipped with a variety of protection devices such as high and low pressure, water cut, limit, overload and so on. It also enhances the safety and stability of the ice machine, allowing the user to stop the power when no need of making ice. Evaporator internal structure is simple, high versatility of components, so reliable operation, easy to maintain.