Enterprise Mission: We are willing to provide customers with the most reasonable and efficient design. To maximizedly solve customers’ need for ice with most reasonable ice solution.
“Technology and innovation never stop, quality and service continue to go beyond” is our eternal goal.
ice maker factoryFirst, spiritual culture:
Entrepreneurial spirit: self – confidence, hard work, pioneering and innovation.
Enterprise Mission: integrity first, the customer first.
Business philosophy: hard work, self-improvement.
Values: sincere cooperation, to achieve win-win situation.
Management philosophy: no need to perfect, just due diligence.
Second, the system culture:
Scale of operation: to rule by law, to rule by virtue.
Governance form: integrity first, customer first.
Interpersonal relationships: the same boat, harmonious coexistence.
Management system: standardization, standardization, institutionalization.
Incentive mechanism: to encourage, reward the main, to restraint, punishment, supplemented by
The distribution of benefits: seeking common ground while putting aside differences, coexistence and common prosperity, rewards according to labor, more pay for more work.