Freiway Co., Ltd. is a professional ice making machine system manufacture that engaged in the production of ice-making machine’ research and development, sales, installation and after-sales service. Can produce fluorine system ice machine and ammonia system ice machine evaporator, the two series of ice making machines cover dozens of models. The ice production capacity of the ice making equipments is from 0.2 tons -200 tons every 24 hours, fully meet the growing commercial and industrial Ice demand. According to customer requirements, the ice-making equipment can be custom-made for non-standard machine. The company mainly engaged in: flake ice making machine, cube ice machine, grain ice machine and so on.

ice machinesFreiway Co., Ltd. ice machine products have passed international CE, SGS, ISO9001 certification, reliable quality, fair prices. Freiway ice maker is widely used in milk shop, cold shop, hotel, bar, aquatic products, food, KTV, leisure club, daily household, restaurant, fresh supermarket, aquatic preservation, supermarket, dairy, medicine, chemical, vegetable Freshwater transport, marine fishing, poultry slaughtering, chemical processing, chemical pigments, biopharmaceuticals and experiments, ocean fishing, meat processing, poultry slaughtering, ice making plants, factory cooling, mine cooling, artificial skiing, pharmaceutical chemistry, chemical pigments , Fresh vegetables and other industries.Freiway ice machine sales outlets all over the country. All over the country and abroad have Lille ice machine agent dealers, to provide customers with high quality and efficient service. Ice-making machine sells in provinces, municipalities, counties, export, by domestic and foreign customers praise. The technical team is perfect for improving the ice making machine and providing the ice machine with excellent quality.


Freiway’s core of development: product quality is the soul of the enterprise development, is the bridge of communication with customers, is the fundamental for the survival of enterprises, only ensure a good product quality, ice machine products can be trust and accepted by customers.