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flake ice making machinesreiway covers an area of nearly 10,000 square meters of industrial park-style production plants, professional ice-making machine production equipment and advanced ice-making machine production process, and modern enterprise team management model, improved quality management process system. The company has a full set of perfect ice making machine production workshop, ice machine unit assembly workshop, ice machine product mode workshop, enterprise’ strong production and processing manufacturing strength, mature advanced ice machine technology. Freiway is currently one of the national top 5 large-scale ice maker brand manufactures.

Why choose us

Offer you qualified ice making machines in different areas.

OEM availble, your logo, your brand, your quality

Special after-sales team to support your work.

Six advantages about Freiway ice making machine system

1.Advanced production equipment

The company covers an area of nearly 10,000 square meters of park-style production plant, with large-scale mechanical processing, sheet metal welding, heat treatment, electrical assembly and assembly plant, is one of the top five ice making machine manufactures that has strong processing strength, well equipped production line , advanced production technology.

2.Senior technical team

The company has a senior production and technical personnel and engineering design talent. Strict testing methods and quality control programs, which ensure our product safer and secure quality.

3. Custom-made ice machine available

The company has large-scale processing equipment (can produce as large as60T evaporator), heat treatment equipment (annealing to eliminate the evaporator stress) and automatic welding equipment,which can completely solve any “alien non-standard product” for customers, all-roundly to solve customers’ any ice need problems.

ice making machines advantages

4.Product diversification

The company currently produces fluorine system flake ice machine and ammonia system flake ice machine,these two kinds of evaporators has dozens of models,ice production range is from 200KG to 200T every 24 hours, fully meet the growing demand for commercial and industrial ice.

5.Delivery is fast and stable

Short delivery times to meet customer short delivery requirements: sufficient inventory for small commercial ice machine, which is ready to ship. Medium ice machine will delivery within 2-3 days, large machine is 25 days delivery time.

6.Improved service system

Two years warranty, strong after-sales guarante to let customers operate easily.

cube ice making machines

commercial flake ice machine

Commercial flake ice machine

Ice production range: 2 ton/24hrs

Refrigerating capacity: 12KW

Standard voltage: 3 phases 380v 50Hz

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Industrial flake ice makers

Ice production range: 30 ton/24hrs

Refrigerating capacity: 210KW

Standard voltage: 3 phases 380v 50Hz

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cold storage flake ice machine

seawater ice flake machines

Seawater flake ice machines

Ice production range: 20ton/24hrs

Total power: 81.5KW

Standard voltage: 3 phases 380v 50Hz

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flake ice evaporator

Ice production range: 60 ton/24hrs

Refrigerant: R22/R717

Standard voltage: 3 phases 380v 50Hz

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flake ice machines